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"Miyamura!"  she gasped, surprised to see her friend so suddenly.  "There you are!  I haven’t seen you in awhile." Hori frowned at him.  

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A new student? ; [AU]


He offered a small, almost apologetic smile out towards the younger schoolgirl as he stumbled upon her name; after all, nobody liked it when someone so personal as their own name got bodged up by a rinky-dinky foreigner. To be honest, Guy wasn’t all too sure why his own father would have placed him in such a public setting. Did he really have to make an impression on his colleagues that he could brag how his son was so ‘well-rounded’ that he could delve right into the native system without any troubles?

“Sorry,” he said curtly, mustering a small tilt of his head as recompense. “I actually just started taking Japanese classes three months ago. I…kinda got the message that I was moving to Japan on such a short notice. Please feel free to correct me, if I’m wrong.” But little did he know that the underclassman-upperclassman hierarchy in this country remained rigid.

When Hori had mentioned that there was a kendo club, Guy’s eyes immediately widened. “Y-You do!?” He had always been an avid fan of samurai and the stereotypical figures that came out of Japanese action films. And as corny (or historically incorrect) they may have been, the blond had always been interesting in taking up the sparring sport. He was well-versed in fencing — since he had practically devoted himself to the sport back at home; hence, to get a chance at another type of swords-style was like a whole other dream. “And they’re training now!? Really!? Can we go there right—”


“—Ah, I mean, uh…it’s…great that this school has a…kendo club…heh…” He cupped his mouth then, realizing how excited he must have been. “If you could take me there, that would be great. I’d love to sit and watch them practice and see what the sports really about. Y’see, I only really ever watched that sort of stuff in the movies, heh…”

"Huh?  It’s fine.  Your pronunciation is just a little off.  Nothing constant communication can’t handle!" she awkwardly chuckled, trying to wave off  his sudden apology.  She was amazed however, he had seemed to catch onto her catching onto his mistake quickly.  The guy was prepared for any foreigner mishaps, she noted.

W-Whoah!  He’s overly eager about this…  If this were a manga, Hori could’ve been sweatdropping as she was shocked by Cecil’s sudden outburst.  He seemed excited about the sport, albeit a bit too much…though she couldn’t blame him, kendo must’ve not been taught nor popular in his country.  Holding up her hands in surrender, she waited patiently for him to calm down.

"I-It’s fine, Cecil-san!" she laughed and lowered her hands, finding his sudden transition from super excited to serious highly amusing.  Cecil, Miyamura, and Ishikawa would get along quite well if they ever met in the halls…they did share some common mannerisms.  Ishikawa’s quick transitions from one attitude to another, Miyamura’s fumbling apologies and spiels…yep, they’d get along just fine.

"Oh, I see.  It wasn’t available in your country?  This way." she inquired, beginning to walk again, to the building exit.  "It’s quite understandable that you’re interested in kendo."  After letting him through and closing the door, she stepped into the courtyard that would lead them to the kendo building.  "If you do decide to join the club, your gym period will be instead replaced by a practice period for kendo.  In addition to that, you’ll also have practice after school.  The school provides practice equipment, though I am not sure if you need to buy any…" she starts walking again, talking with each step. 

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